by Jenifer Nipps

Mona smiled as she pulled up in front of Quick Auto Used Cars.  She checked her appearance in the rear-view mirror.   “Mona, you’re doing good for yourself, girl,” she told her reflection.  She fluffed her brown hair a little and got out of the car.

Soon she would have a new car.  Well, new to her anyway.  And no one would be the wiser.

“May I help you, miss?” the salesman asked as he walked out of the brick building.  “My name is Jake.”

Mona hesitated.  Do I dare go through with it? she thought.  “Umm, sure,” she said.  “Hi, Jake!  I’m Karli Montgomery and I’m wanting to buy a car.” Yes, let the fool think I'm going to actually buy it.

Jake smiled.  Mona imagined she could see the oil dripping off his collar-length hair.   “We can certainly help you there,” he said.

Mona smiled.  “I thought you might.  Do you have something I can take for a test drive?   A blue Beetle if you have one.”

“Well, Karli, I don’t know that we have a Beetle.  But how about this little Toyota Camry?  I think it’d suit you fine.”

“Well, but I don’t want one with too many miles.”

“Let me see now many miles this has on it.”  Jake opened the car door to check the odometer.  “It’s less than 30k.  Would that suit you?”

“That’s great!  Can I test drive it?”

“Sure.  The key is in the ignition.”