So based on what I said on the About Me page, you already know I'm a writer and that I write fantasy and poetry.  But you might be wondering just what that means as far as I'm concerned. 

Well, I'll tell you.  Some of it anyway.

  • This Is Your Karma - This is a short story with another attempt at a blind character. This one, though, has extra abilities that help her move around without needing a guide. She is one of her master's Chosen.

  • Dragon Lands - This is the first complete fantasy novel I've written.  Think of it as a David & Goliath type of story.  But David's name is Khorin and he's blind.  And Goliath is a bunch or renegade dragons.  The story is told through the point of view of Ellyse, the Guardian of the Dragon Lands.

  • Satin's Thief - This is my current work in progress.  It is a fantasy romance.  Yes, you read right.  Romance.  I never thought I'd ever write one even under the auspices of fantasy.  Never say never.

  • Test Drive - This is an incomplete short story.  The main character assumes her sister's name and takes cars for a "test drive" and going on a cross-country crime spree.  Is she caught?  I assume so.  But I haven't finished this yet.  With the way things are going with my other writing, I don't know if I will or not.

  • Some of my poems are on this site also.  Bonfire, Call of the Unicorn, For a Friend, Magnetism, Purple, and You Ask, the World Answers.  There are a lot more where these cam from, but I won't bore anyone, even myself, by having them all here.  I may eventually add some to them, though.